The following links are not only helpful and informative resources, they are also near and dear to our heart.

Great Sites

The Missing Episode: The Story Behind Split Screen Episode #47

Indiewire - THE site for all news re:independent film.

View Askew Productions - Home of former 'clerk' and present filmmaker, writer, and director Kevin Smith.

AIVF - filmmaker support organization.

The Independent - published by AIVF, is another excellent monthly national magazine devoted to independent film and video production.

Film Arts Foundation - One of our favorite film organizations. Film Arts Foundation does a great job providing a myriad of worthwile services for Bay Area filmmakers.

Creative Capital Foundation - Exciting new financial resource for artists under the direction of the always awesome Ruby Lerner.

Links to our Split Screen family sites
The Blair Witch Project - Blair Witch Project direct

Slumdance - a hilarious site and brilliant concept created by our Split Screen regulars (#1, #5, #7, #29, #40, & #43) Brian Flemming with Keythe Farley.

American Movie - A movie we love by the very talented Chris Smith and his partner Sarah Price. First highlighted on Split Screen '97: episode #3, "Making Northwestern". Check out their other contributions to Split Screen in segments #4, #6, #7, #8, #22, and #28.

Home of the Florida Film Festival (Split Screen #7) - and a movie theatre where you can eat and drink while you're watching.

Errol Morris - John chatted with Errol on his front porch in Split Screen #7. Check out the master's own site.

Big Miss Moviola - YOU ARE: 2 cool 2 Believe YOU ARE: Makin' history. YOU ARE: The Lady Glitterati of the New Movie Uprising. Featured in Episode #33.

World of Wonder - The loveable little stuffed animals featured in episodes #21, #24, #25, #26 and #28, first appeared on the Adam and Joe Show, produced by World of Wonder. - Featured in Split Screen #28. See what's up with these cultural and political provocateurs.

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