Split Screen '99 - Episode #40

The Glamour. The Celebrities. The Food. The Celebration of Cinema. Do you think we're talking about Cannes? No, it's Tinseltown, the interactive theme dinner experience in Orange county USA where for $44.50 they'll treat you like a star. Split Screen's Brian Flemming directs while Keythe Farley, and his wife Ann go for the gold.

Palm Springs Follies
Split Screen's baby faced duo Amy Elliott and Elizabeth Donius went searching for a living link to the glory days of old Hollywood musicals and found the fabulous Palm Springs Follies - a true vaudevillian revue.

The Incorrect Video Vault
WFMU is a little radio statiion in New Jersey legendary for its innovative free form programming of odd and interesting music from the past and present. What you might not know is that the WFMU DJs have been digging up buried treasure not only on vinyl but on celluoid too. Split Screen's Doug Stone and PH O'Brien take you there.

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