On March 31st, 1997, Janet Pierson sent the following letter to Lee Michaels Productions after doing an InterNIC search on the domain grainypictures.com...

Lee Michaels Productions
21 18th Avenue
Venice, CA 90291

March 31, 1997

Dear Lee Michaels Productions:

We found your company while researching the interNic database. As you can see from the letterhead, we're incorporated as Grainy Pictures and were hoping to set up a website under that name. Of course, you got there first. Since it's a fairly new registration, we just thought we'd write to see how committed you are or whether you'd consider giving up the name to us.

I don't know if you're familiar with us. We incorporated as Grainy Pictures, Inc. in spring 1994. We've been involved for over a decade with low budget American independent films. John Pierson, the president, is often referred to as the "guru" of independent film. Last year he published, Spike, Mike, Slackers & Dykes: A Guided Tour Across a Decade of Independent Cinema (Miramax/Hyperion). Currently, we're producing a cable television series on independent film for the Independent Film Channel and Bravo called Split Screen. ("Grainy Pictures Presents" is highlighted in the opening sequence of each episode.)

We really love our company name and feel it perfectly covers our disparate activities. Any chance we can convince you to let us have it for the web?

Thanks for your consideration.


Janet Pierson

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