Lee Michaels of Lee Michaels Productions responded to Janet's letter on April 4th, 1997.

April 4, 1997

Grainy Pictures, Inc.
44 Market St.
Cold Spring, NY 10516

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Guru:

In your book you seemed to have a good sense of humor and an appreciation for the absurd. I hope that's true because I have taken John Pierson, Grainy Pictures, and Edgy Films cyber hostage. If you check the net under any of these names, you will find a web page. I guess that makes me a cyber terrorist.

I was going to wait another month to write this letter but your letter dated March 31 has moved me to write now.

This is my first action on the Internet and I am taking a hostage (I like it!). I am writing this letter and taking this action as a gesture of creativity and fun. Be cool, don't call the FBI.

I am a first time film maker and I have recently finished principal photography on my first feature, "Sex and Killing." By the way, there is no sex or killing in this film, although that is what this film is about. This film was shot in Venice, California. The film was shot in 35mm color, our shooting schedule was five weeks.

I believe I have made a highly entertaining and an important film. The purpose of this film is to illustrate the consequence of taking a life. Many young people believe if you take a life and don't get caught by the cops, there is no consequences to pay. This film is a morality lesson disguised as a wacked out example of Venice beach. Almost every scene is thought provoking and designed to push buttons. This film is also very funny.

In February 28th, I contacted your office and spoke to Janet (Hi Janet). At that time, I introduced myself and explained I was a first time film maker who was in post production on my film "Sex and Killing" and that I wanted you (John) to read my script. She went on to explain that you're only interested in finished work. "We only look at the work." I then asked to speak to John and was told that he was very busy and couldn't come to the phone. Janet was very polite and professional but I hung up feeling that the phone conversation had not gone the way I had wanted. I spent the rest of the day realizing that every wanna-be film maker in the world must be contacting you. I realized that I needed to be creative to get you to notice me and my hostage idea and here we are.

At this point you are probably saying "what does he want for the names?" It's quite simple, I want you to read my 80 page script. Tomorrow you will receive the script and the following day you will receive a 10 question script test with a bonus question for Janet. This test will allow me to be satisfied that you have read the script. I realize that you could have someone else read the script and answer the test questions. But, I have read your book and you seem honest and moral so I believe you will read it. Ironic: (why do terrorist always speak of morality?).

When you return the test I will relinquish the names to you. If you don't find the script interesting and you don't want to see this film, I will not bother you further.

John, this film is perfect for the festivals. It is funny, controversial and thought provoking. If it stops one person from taking a life, it will have been worth it.

I hope you/take my actions as a gesture of creativity and friendship.


Lee Michaels

PS The worst is you hate the script and you have another wacked out story to tell. The best is you love it, you rep the film, we go to the festivals and prosper.

PS II Please don't mistake my confidence and belief in this film as arrogance.

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