Split Screen 2000
Season Premiere, September 4th.

We know, we know. You're sick of the endless repeats of the nine Fall '99 episodes. Here's our excuse. During the extended off-season, we turned How's Your News? (see episode #44) into a feature documentary, and traveled halfway around the globe in search of the world's most remote movie theater. We found it, the 180 Meridian Cinema, smack dab on the International Dateline in the rain forest of Taveuni in the Fiji Islands. Like missionaries of yore, we showed the Fijians some independent films. But they turned the tables and made us converts with their own indigenous movie ritual. Share the adventure on Split Screen's Labor Day premiere - the first of sixteen all-new episodes. The initial four shows of our fourth season are old-school, magazine-format, weird-ass Split Screen. But we're really having a double premiere this fall.

For twelve weeks starting October 2nd, Split Screen will be shifting gears. In conjunction with the publication of the newest installment of Faber & Faber's splendid Projections, we'll be showcasing a series of twelve extended interviews unified by the theme of filmmaking in New York. The book, edited by Tod Lippy, features directors, producers, actors, screenwriters, and players who have chosen to live and work (and perhaps find inspiration) in New York. Split Screen/Projections is the on-camera companion piece with a twist. The show's new producer Josh Braun came up with the concept of spicing up each interview with an in-depth look at one of the subject's films - an Oral Probe! Although the final line-up is still in flux, it will definitely include David O. Russell, Buck Henry, Christine Vachon, Walter Bernstein, Wes Anderson, and Jonas Mekas.

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