Split Screen '99 - Episode #44

Tonight's show is a little different. We're presenting only two stories, both longer. The first requires your total attention because it's extremely dense. The second, if it doesn't leave a smile on your face - your heart's not beating.

Inside the Eye of Scorpio Rising
Kenneth Anger is a groundbreaking filmmaker that not enough people know. A good place to start is his seminal, extraordinarily influential 1963 Scorpio Rising. For its use of music alone, Scorpio Rising should be in both the Movie and Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. When Austin's Jon Ausbrooks and Lee Daniel called to let us know they could arrange to have Anger comment at length on Scorpio Rising, Split Screen jumped at the chance. Check out their mindblowing, information packed homage to the master.

Hangin' With How's Your News
Earlier this year, everyone at Split Screen fell in love with a short documentary, How's Your News, about an unusual team of news correspondents. Split Screen's most regular regulars, P.H. O'Brien and Doug Stone, paid a visit to Camp Jabberwocky to meet with the correspondents and the man behind the team, filmmaker Arthur Bradford.

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