Some of the talented filmmakers who work on Split Screen:

P.H. O'Brien
Name: PH O'Brien
Company: Amber Films
Home Base: North Reading, MA
Education: UMass/Amherst
Favorite Movie: Seconds
Favorite pig out food: oreos! They're fun!
Favorite Babe: Julie Delpy. Bonjour!
Hobbies: Car crashing, barn building
Downers: Math Class - Yuk!

Amber films, PH O'Brien's film company, was named for his parents' farm in North Reading, MA which was named after a horse racing stable, that was named after a dog, that was named after the color. In the first season of Split Screen, O'Brien became the show's mascot. He was dubbed "the car crash guy" because it appeared he had purposely crashed his cars to raise money for his first feature, Asylum. "The accidents weren't my fault" he says in his defense. "All I did was make something good out of a bad situation."

O'Brien produced two segments in the first season. The first, Ducttown, was about his hometown grappling with the idea of constructing a film studio on the site of an old, abandoned mental hospital. The second, Tarenteenies, co-produced with Doug Stone, looks at a small town, home grown film festival with filmmakers all under the age of 17. "The great thing about this segment is that this little festival mirrors the big ones. One film isn't done on time. Another gets banned. The organizers are overwhelmed by the entries and the egos of the young filmmakers. It was funny to see it happen even on that scale," says an amused O'Brien.

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