Some of the talented filmmakers who work on Split Screen:

George Ratliff
George Ratliff, a Texas native, began his career in journalism. After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin film program, Ratliff moved to Costa Rica to write for a Central American news magazine and become a correspondent for Texas newspapers. After returning to the states, George redirected his efforts to film and has written and directed features, shorts and television programs.

His feature documentary, The Plutonium Circus, won awards at The San Francisco International Film Festival, The International Documentary Association Awards, was a Cine Eagle Award winner and won Best Documentary Feature at The South by Southwest Film Festival in 1995. Plutonium Circus received a limited theatrical release and has sold television and video distribution worldwide. George also wrote and directed the low-budget feature Purgatory County which was awarded at the South by Southwest Film Festival in 1997, screened at the Independent Film Project Chicago, and was the closing night event at the New York Underground Film Festival in 1998.

Ratliff is currently in production of the feature documentary 'Hell House' in Dallas, Texas.

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