Some of the talented filmmakers who work on Split Screen:

Douglas Tirola & Christopher Trela
Douglas Tirola made his directorial debut as writer and filmmaker with the critically acclaimed independent film "A Reason To Believe", which was released nationally in 1996

Tirola has since written "Teenage Kicks" for Paramount Pictures which he is also attached to direct and is currently writing "Stymie Calls A Holiday" with his partner Christopher Trela for producer David Permut at Twentieth Century Fox. Both projects were bought from pitches.

Douglas will direct the film "Lucky Strikes" in 1998. The screenplay is based on the story "Love Cowboys" from Tirola's collection of short stories entitled "Lucky Strikes'.

Tirola graduated from Miami University in Oxford Ohio with a degree in Philosophy and received a Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry and Fiction from Columbia University in New York City.

Christopher Trela is writing "Stymie Calls A Holiday" with his partner Doug Tirola for producer David Permut at 20th Century Fox. He is attached to produce "Teenage Kicks" which sold as a pitch to Paramount Pictures in 1996. He is also producing the film "Lucky Strikes" which will be shot in Chicago and New York.

Trela produced the independent feature film "A Reason To Believe" which was released by Castle Hill Productions. Trela served as an editor for RE/Search Publications and is featured in the book Pranks! In 1997 he edited the books Zines Volume I and II, a collection of interviews with small press publishers for V/Search Publications. In 1995 he was the Executive Producer of the Virgin Records compact discs "Incredibly Strange Music, Volumes I and II", compilations of lounge/cocktail music.

He has also written for Index, New York and Seconds magazines.

Trela graduated with honors from Fordham University in New York City with a degree in Political Science.

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