Split Screen '99 - Episode #41

Christopher Walken Cooks
Split Screen likes surprises. And we're crazy about actor Christopher Walken. So when Doug Stone heard Walken was pitching a TV cooking show we jumped onboard. Join Chris, and friends Julian Schnabel and Cha-Cha, for a little shopping and noshing. Watch out for the exploding shrimp!

The Incredibly Strange Director Who Stopped Directing & Became a Dog-Man Extra!
The prolific Split Screen team of Doug Stone and PH O'Brien head off to London to investigate the too strange story of director Richard Stanley. Fired from this bizarre re-make of Island of Dr. Moreau, he returned hidden as a dog-man extra. Watch for Marlon Brando, Val Kilmer, and the progenitor of Mini-Me.

PXL 2000
Film artists like Michael Almereyda and Sadie Benning first used this piece of low tech equipment to brilliant effect in their work. It started as a cheap kids camera, now it's a collectible on ebay. Brian Flemming takes a look at today's pixelvisionaries.

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