Split Screen '99 - Episode #35

Airs on May 3rd 1999 at 8:00pm and 11:00pm
Repeats Saturday May 8th - 5:30pm

Never heard of the bolexbrothers? Or seen "The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb" or "Keep in a Dry Place and Away from Children?" bolexbrothers is an animation studio in Bristol England that's created a series of indescribably amazing films. Edward Stencel flew over to spend some time with an old college classmate.

Although the general influence of print film critics may be dwindling, their support is crucial for challenging, thoughtful independent films in major markets like NYC. But what about snowy Syracuse in upstate NY? Split Screen's Bill Judkins bundles up to meet with Bill DeLapp of the Syracuse New Times.

Seth Sells
Who brought the effervescent sex life of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee to a computer near you? Split Screen's Texan's George Ratliff and Tommy Pallotta venture up to Seattle for a chat with Seth Warshavsky, CEO of the Internet Entertainment Group.

A wonderful, hilarious romp inspired by a new camera. Courtesy of Bill Batchelor.

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