Split Screen '99 - Episode #32

Reverse Speech
Remember "Paul is Dead"? James WilderHancock introduces us to David John Oates - a true believer who insists that reverse speech is the key to the truth. A hilarious theory that must be seen (and heard) to be believed.

Please see www.reversespeech.com for more info.

Producing Schlock
Drive-in movies. Once a moviegoing staple, now a nostalgic genre. Tim Steffen talks to producer Sam Sherman who, with the late Al Adamson, created such classics as "Dracula vs. Frankenstein" and "Satan's Sadists".

From Porn Houses to Art Houses
It's no secret that NYC's Times Square has been sanitized. Doug Stone illustrates how some sex shops circumvent the mayor's ever more restrictive pornography laws. Of course indie filmmakers never miss a trick. Directed by Split Screen editor par excellence Mike LaHaie, and produced by series associate producer, Howard Gertler.

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