Episode #23 - Season Three


Sweet Sunshine
It's a peaceable kingdom where the training methods are loving and rather unique. Amy Elliott and Lizzy Donius visit the Sweet Sunshine Talent Agency which supplied the entire cast for "Gordy" (minus Gordy) and the unfortunate cat in "The Gingerbread Man."

Rat Women
Rats as pets? Devotees exclaim their virtues in this wonderful excerpt from UK filmmaker Minkie Spiro's award winning short doc.

Man & Dog
What happens to the puppies and dogs left too long at the pound? Joe Corey and Randy Benson consider a job no one wants to talk about. And did you ever expect to see Bob Barker on Split Screen?

Buy Low, Sell High
And what about the Bulls & Bears? Chuck Smith follows Andy Brown down to Wall Street to try to raise some indie cash.

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