Episode #21 - Season Three

Las Vegas/Boston/Vermont

Rounders in Vegas
Inspired by their roles in "the John Dahl"-directed film "Rounders," hot young stars Matt Damon and Ed Norton head to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Damon and Norton face off against professional poker players from around the world. Although Damon stays ahead of the game, the chips fall for Norton, who Miramax head Harvey Weinstein attempts to buy back into the tournament.

Stunts R Us
These days most stunts and visual effects in movies are done with computer animation. But "SPLIT SCREEN" will show you a stuntman who likes to do things the old fashioned way. He'll lead you through his weekend ritual of creating his own car crash scenes using cars from a nearby junkyard in the hopes of one day obtaining eligibility for the Stuntman's Association.

A fluffy adaptation to David Cronenberg's "CRASH" by Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish courtesy of the excellent British "Adam & Joe" show.

Cow Drive-In
One of America's last remaining drive-ins is the Fairlee Drive-In & Motel in Fairlee, Vermont, where motel guests can watch movies from their rooms. However, there is one rule in this typically Vermont pasture: no cows allowed. Filmmakers Amy Elliott and Elizabeth Donius hold a "take back the night" for cows, giving them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with their heritage and enjoy the cow-themed classic Red River.

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