Episode #17 - Season Two


Lonesome Blood Trail
The RV crew hangs with Barry Tubb, an ex rodeo rider, Hollywood actor ("Top Gun", "Lonesome Dove"), and writer director of his own film, "Blood Trail", in Synder, Texas. Don't miss the Rattlesnake Round-up!

Big Joe
Meet "Big" Joe La Creta: actor ("Jaws", "The Last Detail"), wrestler, and sandwich master in Wilmington, Massachusetts. P.H. O'Brien continues his ongoing investigation of film in his hometown.

The Real Dude
Jeff Bridges plays "The Dude" in the Coen Brothers "The Big Lebowski." But is there a "Real" Dude? Producer's rep Jeff Dowd claims there is. Marina Zenovich talks to the Coen Brothers, the cast, even Dowd's wife, aka "Mrs. Dude."

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