Episode #16 - Season Two

Austin, Texas.

Orson Welles, Not Taco Bells
The UT Union Film program, one of the longest running repertory film programs in the nation was recently shut down by "some bumbling bureaucrats." Kyle Henry and Spencer Parsons follow some student activists and local film illuminati as they protest.

Gimme Some Larry
Lawrence Tierney was the ringleader in "Reservoir Dogs" who assigned the names. Elisabeth Sikes profiles the almost impenetrable Tierney, a character actor with a career spanning five decades and a fascination with state capitals.

"Sweet Sweetroll's Baadasssss Spin"
At the Austin Cinemaker Co-op, filmmakers shoot one roll of super 8 film with in-camera edits only. Here's Bob Ray's short.

George Ratliff visits with Bob Sabiston and Tommy Pallotta about their new hybrid of animation and documentary.

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