Episode #1 Credits

Some of the Talented Filmmakers Who Work With John Pierson On Split Screen

The Independent Film Channel presents a Grainy Pictures production

Split Screen 

Created by      John & Janet Pierson

Producers       Howard Bernstein
                Tim Perell

Editor  	Michael LaHaie

Written, co-produced and occasionally directed by     John Pierson

Opening Theme, The Bao Tao, composed by Tom Pomposello and Art Labriola.
Performed by Oil Can.  Available on Re:Signed CD Once Were The Pastures
of Plenty.

Warts and All opening
        Camera  	Pat Charles
        Sound           Sowande Tichawonna

Spike's First Decade
        Producer        Shannon McIntosh
        Interview footage courtesy of Miramax Books
        "She's Gotta Have It" clips courtesy of Island Pictures
        Martin Scorsese photograph courtesy of Scorsese Archive

John & Bob in the Office
        Camera  	Chris Smith
        Sound           Sarah Price

Hang Your Dog in the Wind
        Writer/Director 	Brian Flemming
        Producer                Stann Nakazono
        Featuring               Keythe Farley

The Real Fargo
        Director        Wrye Martin
        Producer        Elizabeth Keljik
        Editor          Barry Polterman
        Camera  	Tom Matre
                        Joe Slagerman
        "Fargo" clips courtesy of PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

The Gruesome Twosome
        Producers       Steve Yeager
                        Cindy Miller
        Camera  	Sheila Smith
        Sound   	Bill Kaplan
        Footage from "Pink Flamingos" courtesy of New Line Productions, Inc.
        (c) 1997 New Line Productions, Inc.  All rights reserved.
        Footage from "Multiple Maniacs" courtesy of New Line Productions, Inc.
        (c) 1970 New Line Productions, Inc.  All rights reserved.
        Video Obscenity headline courtesy of Wesleyan Cinema Archives
        All Herschell Gordon Lewis clips courtesy of QC Film & VIdeo
        "Reservoir Dogs" clip courtesy of Miramax Films

On-Line Editor  		Jon Fordham

Sound Mixer     		Benny Mouthon
                		Isis Films

Executive Producers     	Marlen Hecht
                            	Dean Silvers

Special thanks to Jim McDonald and Teatown Video for making it all

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A Guided Tour Across a Decade of American Independent Cinema

(c)  1997  Grainy Pictures, Inc.

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