Episode #8 Credits

Some of the Talented Filmmakers Who Work With John Pierson On Split Screen

The Independent Film Channel presents a Grainy Pictures production

Split Screen   (#8)

Created by      	John & Janet Pierson

Producers       	Howard Bernstein
                	Tim Perell

Editor /
Assoc. Producer 	Michael LaHaie

Written, co-produced and occasionally directed by     John Pierson

Opening Theme, The Bao Tao, composed by Tom Pomposello and Art Labriola.
Performed by Oil Can.  Available on Re:Signed CD Once Were The Pastures
of Plenty.

Mr. Pink & Barton Fink
        Director        Bill Judkins
        Producer        Pearl Lieberman
        Camera  	Neil Ostrander
        Sound           Gina Bacon
        "Trees Lounge, " "Mac," "Raging Bull,"  courtesy of MGM/UA
        "Reservoir Dogs" courtesy of Miramax Films
        "Barton Fink" courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Inside DuArt
        Director/Camera 	Chris Smith
        Sound                   Sarah Price
        Edited by               Bluemark Productions

        Produced and Directed by P.H. O'Brien and Doug Stone
        Camera  	P.H. O'Brien
        Sound           P.H. O'Brien
                        Doug Stone
                        Dave Panaro
                        Murray McPherson
        Intern          Jason Meuse
        "Fettuccini" by Mike Orlandella
        "Star Wars: The Home Version" by Nicholas Pithis and Chris Dancewicz
        "Them" by Kristen Wilson
        "Jukes" by Anthony Barounis and Nick Lee
        "Edward Bananahands" and "Epilogue" by Greg Maquire and Jason Beale
        "Raul's Van" and "Raul's Van, The Special Ed." by Jackson Quinn and Bob Rantilla

        "Action Street" 
        performed by The Adults
        courtesy of Mekkatone Records
        Festival music performed by Shattered Silence

On-Line Editor  	Jon Fordham

Executive Producers     Marlen Hecht
                        Dean Silvers
                        Janet Pierson

Special thanks to Jonathan Sehring and Caroline Kaplan at IFC/Bravo for
making it all possible.

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A Guided Tour Across a Decade of American Independent Cinema

(c)  1997  Grainy Pictures, Inc.

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