The following list of links are a list of films, music and miscellaneous items that we recommend (Hey, life can't just be all about movies!). We're not particularly good about keeping it current but you never know, we might surprise you.

How's Your News Hows Your News?

Arthur Bradford's documentary which features a team of mentally and physically disabled news reporters and crew.

Batboy The Musical Batboy: The Musical

Brian Flemming and Keythe Farley's off-Broadway hit.

John's Top 10 for 1998 John's Top 10

John has compiled his Top 10 films of 1998. Check out his picks here.

PLEASE NOTE: The following is circa Dec. 1997. Woefully neglected in 1998 but new info for 1999 coming soon.

John's Top 10 for 1997 John's Top 10

John's Top 10 films of 1997. View the selections here.

In the Company of Men In the Company of Men

First really smart, original and thought provoking film we've seen in ages.

Fast, Cheap and Out of Control Fast, Cheap and Out of Control

And here's another one - also smart, original and thought provoking by our favorite genius Errol Morris. A stunning meditation on four obsessive artists.

The Year of the Horse The Year of the Horse

Jarmusch and Neil Young on the road.

Beg, Scream and Shout Beg, Scream and Shout

Incredible box set of great soul music, all in the best packaging we've ever seen -- an old time singles box with CD's as 45's and a full set of trading cards chock full of great tidbits.We can't stop playing it!

Chasing Amy Criterion Laserdisc Chasing Amy Criterion Laserdisc

Criterion has outdone themselves this time (if that's even possible). The Criterion Amy disc includes a beautiful transfer of the movie, tons of extras (including cut scenes and outtakes), and a hilarious and informative audio commentary.

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