Foreword by Kevin Smith

Out of the Jungle

Introduction to the Original Edition: Stranger Than Fiction

Dialogue / Leaders

A Quick and Slanted Pre-1984 History

Dialogue / Starting Point

Stranger Than Paradise and the First Golden Age

Dialogue / Paradise

Parting Gances & The New Queer Cinema

She's Gotta Have It

Tube Socks and Tube Steaks
Black and White
Birth of a Salesman
Dialogue / Be Like Spike

Working Girls and Women

Inspector Errol Morris Walks The Thin Blue Line


The Dance Part 1
Quantity not Quality
Dialogue / Batman and Sex

1989: The Year It All Changed

Dialogue / sex and Roger

Roger and Michael and Me

The Cinderella Syndrome
How to Make a Studio Deal
The Morning After
Dialogue / Role Models

Slacking Off

Dialogue / Straight Outta Business

The Next Soderbergh

Sundance 1990
Sundance 1991
Sundance 1992
Dialogue / Dogs

Sons of Mean Streets

Dialogue / $26,685

How Low Can a Budget Go?

Dialogue / Shannen

Amonst Jerks: Rob Weiss and the Dark Side of Overnight Success

Toll Money
Hitchcock: Who Needs Him?
Murder Ink
The Odd Couple: Sundance 1994

In Hock and Staying There

Go Fiscal: Anatomy of a Back End

A Doc In The House

Dialogue / The Clerky Boys

Epilogue: It's A Wonderful Life, July 4, 1995

The Last Word

Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III


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